Is Warner Bros pushing WONDER WOMAN to become Iron Man of DCEU?

Wonder Woman is a massive a hit. And this superhero has gotten a massive fan following. And this is the most profitable venture for Warner Bros in entire DCEU. It has already collected $400 crore at the domestic market and it still running in theaters.

And of course, It is the  highest grossing movie in domestic market.  Now, may be that is the problem because Warner Bros has decided to put more weight on Wonder Woman's shoulders.

Warner Bros is planning to put Wonder Woman in more DCEU movies. In some, she will have just cameo and in some, she  will have an  extended cameo. Now, there are rumors that Wonder Woman may appear as main Villain in Flashpoint.

She is already set to appear in Justice League and The Flash movie. She is going to have a very prominent role in entire franchise. Everything will be somehow related to her. Just Like Tony Stark.

We all know that most of the incident in MCU are related to Iron Man. The entire Franchise is revolving around him. And he has appeared in almost all the MCU movies if not in all the movies.

Now Wonder Woman and Iron Man are polar apart characters. But The way Warner Bros is planning things for Wonder Woman, may reduce this difference between these characters. In the beginning, Tony Stark was egotistic, out spoken and fun Characters but as the franchise moved forward, he became serious, responsible and full of guilt person.

Now, Wonder Woman is a light hearted but a fierce character but if they keep setting Wonder Woman in more movies, she will come to the exact same point where Tony Stark in now.

And I, personally, do not like that. I mean, Iron Man is a good character and we love this transition in his character but with Wonder Woman, we might not feel the same.

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