Kapil Sharma is facing a lot trouble these days. First, he had fight with his friend Sunil Grover, then his show's TRP started to fall down and when thing were getting better, his health took a bad toll. This  is the  history of last month in Kapil Sharma's life.

But now, the bad time is finally getting over for Kapil Sharma. Kapil Sharma is on a Break these days, he is shooting less. Sony  Channel has renewed his contract for one more year which means his show,; The Kapil Sharma Show will continue to entertain us for another year. And that is not it.

The Kapil Sharma Show is going into a complete Makeover which means there will a new set, new characters  and few new artists.

Now, the news of this Hour, Kapil Sharma is in talks with Netflix India. According to the news, Kapil Sharma is very do Stand up Comedy one more time. Stand Up comedy was the one which made Kapil Sharma what he is today.

Kapil Sharma want to go to his basic roots once again. According to the leading tabloids," Kapil Sharma have been meeting Netflix India. He strongly  feels that digital is the future of Entertainment. In fact, he has been meeting with Amazon and Hotstar as well."

Now, that is  very good news for those who do not watch TV but prefer Netflix or other digital platform for entertainment.

Nothing is  confirmed yet. Kapil Sharma has not commented anything yet. But We may get a news very soon.