Marvel Finally admits that they sidelined FANTASTIC FOUR comics because of Fox's crappy movies

In comic book community, it is a common theory that Marvel sidelined Fantastic Four comics because they do not have the rights to make the movies based on these comics.

For example, Marvel does not own the Film rights of X-Men so they sidelined X-Men Comics. And they replaced it Inhumans. Only, Spider-man is the exception.  They could not touch Spider-Man because Spider-man has massive fan following.

But it was Fantastic Four which took the worst toll who have not have any new comic book for years. Now, According to the theory, Marvel is harsh towards Fantastic Four because of Fox's lousy movies based on the Fantastic Four comics.

The idea behind this partiality towards Fantastic Four is to tank the property so bad in comics and merchandise that it's worthless for Fox. So, they will have to give up the rights or start making better movies.

But up until now, it was just a theory but now a Marvel's writer has confirmed this theory by saying that it indeed is true.

Former Fantastic Four writer; Jonathan Hickman has confirmed the theory. he  said:

" It's pretty common knowledge that Marvel has stopped publishing Fantastic Four comics because of a disagreement with Fox."

Fox owns the Movie rights of Fantastic Four. They are planning a third time reboot of the franchise. Until now, all the Fantastic Movies have been criticized heavily. So, let's see if they get any success this time.