The Kapil Sharma Show: KAPIL SHARMA tells exactly when the show is coming BACK

The Kapil Sharma Show is official off  now. After a long row of speculations and the rumors, the Kapil Sharma has finally admitted that he did few wrong things. Last five months has been very hard on the India's biggest comedian.

Now, the show is off and Kapil Sharma has also admitted his faults but the rumors are still not leaving him alone. Now, the the people are wondering about Kapil Sharma's future plans. They want to know when The Kapil Sharma Show will come back.

Many have been speculations the date of the show's return. Now, Kapil Sharma has himself told media about the future of the show. Kapil Sharma asserted that his show ill come back and it will be better and stronger than ever.

He also revealed that his upcoming movie Firangi's shooting is almost completed. Only one song is remaining to shoot. So, The Kapil Sharma Show will come back after the movie's release which is sometime in March next year.

So, The Kapil Sharma will hit the Television screens in May, 2018. Sony channel has decided to make some changes in the format, characters and the set of the show. New characters will be added and few will be removed. Sony is planning to to reduce the star presence on the show. They are trying make this show as an independent show whose rating does not depend on Star presence.

Kapil Sharma is taking some rest these days. His health issues were the main reason for the show's closure. His blood pressure is the main problem. Kapil Sharma has admitted that hew started drinking.

Well, Kapil Sharma has realized his mistakes so we cab hope for a fast recovery. Wish him luck and Share this news: