Akshay Kumar's Housefull 4 will be made in Bahubali style

Housefull series is India's one of the best comedy and most profitable series. Three installments of the series have released in last 10 years. Now the fourth part has been confirmed by the producers.

Producer, Sajid Nadiadwala has confirmed the news that fourth part of the series will release on Diwali 2019. Now fans are very eager to know further details. Ever since the announcement, fans are wondering about the cast.

And the most common asked question is that if Akshay Kumar, who is the lead of this series, is coming back or not. But Sajid Nadiadwala has even better answer. Sajid has something big in his mind for the fourth installment.

The fourth installment will be based on reincarnation concept but in humorous way. And the more interesting thing is its timelines. One timeline will be present time but the second timeline will be in Bahubali era. Not exactly Bahubali era but something like that. There will be kings, war and the cast will wear armors. So this time, Akshay Kumar will ride chariots and he will be shooting arrow.
Now, there is one big news also. This is confirmed that Sajid Nadiadwala is bringing all the star cast of previous three movies in the fourth installment. Which means, Deepika Padukone, John Abrahim and the cast of the Housefull 3 is coming back.

But we do not know if Asin will come back or not since she has taken retirement from acting career. Asin was the lead opposite Akshay Kumar in Housefull 2. Now more you think about more you get excited. If all the star cast comes back, it will be biggest cast of any movie in the world.

But more interesting thing will be how the story writer will write the enough content which can justify the roles of entire cast. Just think how would the story proceed. Whatever they do, we are sure that Diwali 2019 will the biggest Diwali for Bollywood in terms of collection.