Kapil Sharma : I can not STOP Drinking ALCOHOL, even after Bangalore

Kapil Sharma' life has become headlines. Last eight months have been very tough on him. First of all, he had a fight with his co-star; Sunil Grover and then he fell ill. Due to which his show; The Kapil Sharma Show suffered the most.

The comedian had to cancel many shoots due to his health. Actors like Shahrukh Khan, Anil Kapoor and Ajay Devgan had to cancel the promotional shoot on The Kapil Sharma Show set. At last, The Kapil Sharma Show went off air due to low TRPs.

And Alcohol played the biggest role in all these incidents. Kapil Sharma started drinking heavily due to which he fell ill and his suffered. The comedian and actor went to Bangalore for rehabilitation which was scheduled for 40 days.

But he came back in just 15 days because of his movie's promotional activity. According to Kapil Sharma himself, the people at the rehabilitation center wanted him to stay for 40 days but he had not choice.

Now, the problem is Kapil Sharma had started drinking once again. Kapil Sharma has said it on record. Here is what he said during a interview to DNA:
" Yes, even after going Bangalore, I stayed there for 15 days and they went great. They wanted me to stay for 40 days and they wanted to control my lifestyle because I had a weakness and my food habits were disturbing me. But once I come back, I started drinking back. Again when I came back to Mumbai, to my same house, the same thing started to running into my mind and I took to the bottle."

Kapil Sharma is very busy in his movie; Firangi's promotion. Now, Kapil Sharma has started drinking again which is not good at all. News are that Kapil Sharma may come back with a new show but no in this situation.