The Batman Movie: Ben Affleck to do only one standalone Batman movie?

With Justice League's releasing date getting closer, fans' excitement is on cloud seven. The star cast of the movie has increased their public appearances. Fans are getting a lot of new and exciting information about the movie and the characters.

But in between all of this, many rumors are also taking place. For instance, there was a rumor that Ben Affleck was leaving DCEU after Justice League. Now that Justice League's release date is nearly here, this rumor is again in news.

According an article published in, Ben Affleck may do only one standalone Batman movie. During a recent video interviews, Ben Affleck was asked if he would be up for playing Batman for five times, the  actor said this:

"I don't know about that. We''ll see what the future holds."

The question was brought during an interview when Jason Momoa revealed that all he ever wanted to do was to host SNL,  which surprised Ben who has hosted SNL for five times. Anyone who is following DCEU certainly knows that The Batman would be his fourth performance as Batman.
And if the actor doesn't think that he'd go past five movies, then it seems he may be done after The Batman. And this is not the first time when this subject has been brought up. There are other incidents which also hint that  The Batman movie will be Ben Affleck's last one in DCEU.

Ben Affleck has stated that The Batman's script need a lot of work which hinted that the studio was rushing to release the movie in 2018 and after just one month of that interview, we heard that script was completely ready.

Casey Affleck, Ben's brother also revealed that the actor is not playing the Dark Knight. In July, there were reports that Ben's script was tossed by Matt Reeves. Well, none of these rumors were confirmed. But here is the video in which Ben would not confirm the future of Batman.