Death attack on Salman Khan: Gangster holding a GUN reached at Race 3 shooting location

Last week, it was reported that a Gangster named Lawrence Bishnoi had issued a death threat to Salman Khan. But onlookers were saying that the gangster said that to get a cheap publicity.

But it seems like things have taken an ugly turn. An armed men reached at Race 3 shooting location when Salman Khan was giving a shot. The incident took place in Film City; Mumbai. The men was heading towards Salman Khan , holding a Gun.

However, Police sensed the danger and alerted the Superstar, following that the shooting was cancelled. Salman Khan was escorted by the cops in another car.

" The police arrived at race 3 set in Film City and told Salman Khan and Producers that the shooting had to be stopped immediately as the actor needed to head home as soon as possible. Salman was escorted in another car by six cops, while his own car was driven back to his residence by other group of cops." A source from set told.

Lawrence Bishnoi is Charged with many cases of extortion, attempt to murder and many more. Last week, he was being produced in front of court by the police when he issued that death threat to Salman Khan.

Bishnoi community was the one who brought out Black Buck case against Salman Khan and since then they consider him a villain.

Police has warned Salman Khan about Bishnoi's death threat and three other who also have threatened to kill him. Police is taking these death threats very seriously.They have started to vandalize areas around Salman Khan's film sets. Police has also provided extra security around the superstar.