Kangana Ranaut's trouble: Aamir Khan trying to help her out

Last year has been pretty rough for Kangana Ranaut. Her two release did not work on box office and she was surrounded by many controversies. In beginning, people seemed to be on her side but soon the sidelined her.

She sparked a controversy when she accused Karan Johar for Nepotism in Bollywood. Soon this became a hot topic of debate in news channels. Then, she once again sparked her problems with Hrithik Roshan.

In the beginning people were with her but after few time, they just moved away from her. Only fans are still with her. But now Kangana is willing to settle her problems for once and for all. Firstly, she has patched up with Karan Johar and is scheduled to appear on his show.

Now, if the source are to be believed, Kangana Ranaut is taking help from Aamir who is the her only friend among the Khans. Few years back, she had said that she did not need any Khan to make it in Bollywood. But seems like, she does need a Khan to come out of these controversies.

Kangana had said that she did not need the Khans because she was making women-oriented movies. But her last hit movie was Tanu weds Manu which had earned 150 crore. But after that none of her movie worked out. She had even refused a movie opposite Salman Khan when things were going good for her.

But now she needs to take every step very carefully. Her new movie; Manikarnika is coming up and she will need all the support from industry. Rumors has it that makers of Manikarnika have asked Kangana to not to create more controversies. And that is why she is following Aamir Khan's advice very strictly.

Well, it's good that Kangana Ranaut is concentrating on her movies more than controversies.