Krrish 4 release date CONFIRMED: Announced by Hrithik Roshan's father Rakesh Roshan

In 2003, we all were introduced to si-fi films by Rakesh Roshan and his son Hrithik Roshan was the star of the first movie. That movie is known as Koi Mil Gaya which lead to India's first legitimate superhero; Krrish.

Krrish is the only successful superhero franchise in India. Krrish 3 was made with more legit international look and it was one the most successful movie in Hrithik Roshan's career. Since then, people have been waiting for Krrish 4's announcement.

Well, wait is over. Hrithik Roshan's father Rakesh Roshan has announced Krrish 4. Not only that he have also announced the release date of the movie. He made this announcement on Hrithik Roshan's birthday.

Surprisingly, the release date of the movie is Christmas 2020 which is 3 years away. Hrithik is busy in preparing for his role in Super 30 which is the biopic of Bihar based Mathematician; Anand Kumar. So may be, he will start the shooting of Krrish 4 after that. 

Rakesh Roshan had tweeted:

Well, this is a nice gift. Right now, the script is being prepared. After we get to know the casting of the movie. Priyanka Chopra was the part of last two Krrish movie while Kangana Ranuat had joined the franchise in Krrish 4 but her character died in the same movie.

Now the question is : Will Priyanka Chopra return in the fourth part or we are going to see new actress?