Kapil Sharma shoot the promo of his NEW SHOW; Full team is coming back

Good New for all the Kapil Sharma fans. India's favorite comedian is coming back to Television with a bang. And it is now confirmed that he is coming back with his team.

A few days back, it was speculated that Kapil Sharma does not want to do comedy show. He was looking for something new. The reports burst out that he will be doing a game show instead. His creative team has been doing thorough research work to bring some unique show.

Now, news are that Kapil Sharma has already shoot the promo yesterday. And in the promo, comedian will be seen making fun of himself. According to news, the promo's script is inspired by Kapil Sharma's bad time. His entire team will be seen making fun of his problems.

Rumors have also been included in the script like how is out of work, his failed movie or many more. Like how Kapil owes money to his milk man, his maid and newspaper vendor. Well, promo sounds good. And it is amazing that Kapil Sharma is willing to do such things.

The title of the show has not been revealed yet. But reports are that Kapil's new show will start airing from March. The promo of the show will come out very soon and we will all the star cast of the show. But Sunil Grover is not coming back which we actually knew.

Last year was a nightmare for Kapil Sharma. He was in news for the entire year and not for good news. He had a fight with his co-stars; his show's TRP fell down. He became alcoholic and finally has show went off air. His last hope was his movie which flopped too.

So, This year Kapil will be more cautious as he can not afford more controversies and bad publicity. And we have to wait and see how Kapil Sharma be able to turn things around.