Kapil Sharma's new show's TITLE REVEALED: Kapil Sharma confirmed

Kapil Sharma is back on television. The promo of the show has been released and it is getting very positive response from audience.

People has been waiting for Kapil Sharma to return on Television. People have become addicted to Kapil Sharma's comedy. They can not stay away form Kapil Sharma and that is the reason , people have been requesting the comedian to come back on television.

Well, Kapil is back and the promo is released. But the release date of the show and the title of the show has not been revealed yet. But we have got the inside scoop. Show;'s title has been finalized.

Kapil Sharma's new show will called as " Family With Kapil Sharma". Yes, this is the title of comedian's new show. The new show will be a game show and the families will take part in the game.That's why it is titled as " Family with Kapil Sharma".

Few months back, Kapil Sharma had stated that there would be radical changes into his show. But it seems like that comedian has decided to take a complete turn. Reports are that he wants to take break from comedy. That is one of the reason why he is doing a game show instead of comedy show.

The team of the show has not been revealed yet. But it is unlikely that previous cast would return. Chandan Prabhakar may return because he is a good friend of Kapil Sharma but rest of the cast is uncertain..

Sony television is keeping things very secretive. Reports are that there would be less star presence on this show. They want to make this show less dependent on star presence. But we can not say more. Let's just wait till the show airs.